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6 Tips To Master Short Term Storage

6 Tips To Master Short Term Storage

Short term storage offers a space saving way to temporarily make room in your home, or provides an extra space to store your belongings during a big move. Usually items will be stored for between 14 days and 3 months, but a self-storage unit can be rented long term and items can be moved in and out freely, whenever they are needed. Preparing for short term storage has distinct differences than preparing for long term storage. With long term storage, your items are in the unit for the long haul and therefore require a different way to pack and stack them. With short term storage, you have to think carefully about how your items will be moved, packed, stored and where in the unit they’ll be placed. To help you get your items ready for their short term storage, Storebox have these 6 handy tips for you to keep in mind.   

Plan your packing

Make sure you have laid out everything you need to put into temporary storage and that there is nothing that could cause a hazard to your unit. Items such as flammable materials for example, such as hairspray or other chemicals that may leak. The best items for short term storage, are items like kitchen ware, clothes, house decor and books/CDs/DVDs/vinyl.  

Labelling boxes correctly

To make it that little bit easier, make sure all of your boxes are clearly labelled on both sides of the box. This ensures that whatever way you place your boxes into storage, you’ll always be able to see what the contents are.  

Leaving space to move around

If you are storing short term, you will probably be moving in and out of your storage unit frequently. Make sure you have created walkways and areas where you can move around freely, this will help when it comes to moving boxes in and out of the unit.   

Taking extra care of fragile items

Fragile items that are being stored short term will require a little bit more packaging than normal. The boxes will be being transported a little more often and so they need more protection from damage. Using sturdy plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes can also help to protect fragile items from being crushed or broken during storage and transportation.

Make sure large items are protected

Even larger items like furniture need extra protection during short term storage. As you’ll be moving boxes in and out regularly, it’s important to keep larger items covered with dust sheets or towels, to make sure they do not get damaged in the process.

Organise your Storebox

Think about where in your storage unit you’ll store each box. By keeping the boxes you know you’ll need first at the front of the unit, you can save yourself time and stress. As you take your items out, you can then rotate the boxes, so what you need is always at the front.     Storebox welcomes short term storage, with our storage hire starting at a minimum of 14 days. It’s up to you what you want to store and how much temporary storage space you’ll need. With our easy to access storage units and secure sites, Storebox is the best way to use short term storage. Book now and discover the benefits of short term storage!