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A Guide To Storebox Unit Size

A Guide To Storebox Unit Size

One of our most FAQ’s is ‘How much space do I need?’. When it comes to choosing your Storebox self-storage unit, it can be a little tricky deciding how much space you will actually need. That’s why we’ve decided to put a short guide together, to give you a better idea of just how much can be stored in each of our storage unit sizes.


Storebox Storage Unit Small Our smallest self-storage unit size measures 5ft x 8ft, giving you 40 sq ft of storage space. What fits into a small storage unit? Our smallest storage units can hold roughly the same amount as a small garden shed. Think along the lines of easily stored garden tools, small shelves and a lawnmower or two. If you have a small spare room that you’re looking to clear out, then our small units are perfect. Book a small self-storage unit


Storebox Storage Unit Medium The next size up is our medium unit. This unit is double our smallest unit and gives you 80 sq ft of space to store your belongings. Its dimensions come in at 8ft x 10ft, giving you a little bit more space to store larger items. What fits into a medium storage unit? With double the space compared to the small unit, in our medium Storebox, you can store the entire contents of a small, one bedroom house. That roughly equates to around 3 transit vans worth of items. Book a medium self-storage unit


Storebox Storage Unit Large Our largest Storebox is a huge 160 sq ft, 8ft x 20ft. Double the size of the medium sized unit, the large unit is great if you need to store bulky or large items. What fits into a large storage unit? Our large storage unit can roughly house the contents of a 4 bedroom family home. This size unit is perfect if you’re having a big move, maybe to a house not ready to move into, or you’re moving your family abroad. It also comes in handy for businesses, to store documents or unused stock. Book a large self-storage unit

How long can you rent a storage unit for?

The minimum amount of time you can rent one of our Storebox self-storage units is for 7 days, perfect for those quick little trips or between moves. You can also prepay for up to 52 weeks, if you know you are going to need safe and secure storage long term.

How secure are the self-storage units?

We pride ourselves on how safe our Storebox’ are. With CCTV at every site and a unique access code for all our storage units. You can sit back and relax wherever you may be, knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Take advantage of our flexible contracts

Our flexible contracts are perfect for those looking for ever changing storage. You are free to upgrade at any time, to give yourself more space when you need it. Excellent for businesses or collectors, that may find the number or size of the items they need to store changing over time. To book any of our self-storage units, feel free to get in touch and if we’ve already helped make your big decision, head straight to our booking form to start storing!