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How business storage can support small businesses

How business storage can support small businesses

Starting your own business can be a scary prospect. There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into getting everything up and running, with even more time and effort required to make it a success. For many, the business will start at home, with endless amounts of paperwork, stock, and equipment being stashed in spare rooms and cupboards. The beauty of self-storage is that it is an affordable way to free up some space in the privacy of your home, creating a place that is specifically for business.   We take a look at how our business storage has become an amazing solution for many small and startup businesses.

Freeing up space for growth

The very beginning of any business can be a slow start, but there will come a time when things start to pick up and the speed of growth starts to get on top of you. That’s where our business storage comes into play. You may find that your business starts to take over your home life and the stress of it all can have serious effects on your productivity. Creating some distance between your home life and your business can help you handle stress and be more motivated when it comes to designated working hours.

The ultimate way to organise stock and equipment

If you’re looking to start an online e-commerce business or you’ve started a new hobby that sees you creating products to sell, then a self-storage unit could be a lifesaver. Stock can take up massive amounts of space, so having a unit where you can store your stock permanently, can help you to keep more organised and keep a better inventory. Organise your storage unit so that you can easily reach the items you need. By creating walkways and separate sections, you’ll find keeping and finding your stock a lot easier than if you were piling it all in a spare room in your home.

Becoming the second home of your business

A business storage unit can become the second home of your small business. By renting one of our units, you can give your business a hub, that houses everything you need to grow and develop your enterprise. When you are looking for a place to root your business, renting out offices and warehouses can be a huge additional cost. If you’re just starting out, a self-storage unit can be an affordable and budget-friendly option.   Wondering how our small business clients use our business storage solutions? Take a look at our Hip Hop Chip Shop blog, to discover just how beneficial our storage can be for small businesses.