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Could You Run a Startup Business from a Storebox?

Could You Run a Startup Business from a Storebox?

Storebox offer a range of different types of storage for various needs. Whether you need a bit of extra space for your personal belongings, or if you’re looking for safe and secure business storage, Storebox are here to provide you with high quality self-storage solutions. Business storage is one of our most popular uses. We often get SMEs using our storage units to help them launch their businesses. From storing excess stock to filing away space consuming documents. So how could you use a Storebox for a startup business?

Finding space for your startup

You’ve decided to set out on the adventure of starting a brand new business, but you need that bit of extra space to get work done. Storage units are the perfect solution! Situated on secure locations and with as much room available as you need, a self-storage unit could be just what you need when looking for a home for your business.

Contents insurance for your business

When you take out Storebox insurance, everything housed within your storage unit will be covered. This can help ease your mind if your new business demands use of valuable or fragile equipment.

Access your business 24/7

Most people who own and run their own business will know that you never work the normal 9-5. A vast number of our Storebox locations are freely accessible 24/7 or open from early in the morning till late at night, giving you the flexible working hours you need to get your business up and running.

Only temporary?

You can rent one of our self-storage units for as little as 7 days, this maybe a little bit short if you’re starting a business, but perfect if you are looking for a temporary home for your startup. You may find you grow quicker than planned and our flexible contracts allow you to upgrade to a bigger unit if needed. That means your storage unit can grow with your business. We know that starting a business from your own home can be hectic and take up valuable living space. That’s why we want to make our storage units as business storage friendly as possible, to help you keep your business up and running on your terms. To find out more about using Storebox for your business storage needs, fill out our contact form or give us a call on the number listed at the top of this page!