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Fall In Love With Storage Solutions

Fall In Love With Storage Solutions

At Storebox, we provide 3 different sized units and flexible contract times, because we know everyone has different needs and requirements. There are hundreds of reasons why you may need to start renting a storage unit and when you’re faced with a mountain of items and belongings, a self-storage unit can be your saving grace. Don’t continue to step over the clutter in your hallways or offices, collect up all the items you simply have no room for and find out how a storage unit could give you a little extra space.           

Using self-storage solutions when moving to a new home

One of the most popular reasons for customers seeking out self-storage solutions is because they are looking for a temporary home for their belongings when moving house. The stresses of buying a new home and moving all of your worldly possessions can be stressful enough, renting a storage unit can help to take away unnecessary worry.    Feel secure that your furniture and boxes are tucked away safely in your storage unit and focus all of your time and energy on the more important stuff. Whether you are storing all the contents of your home, or just a portion of it, our medium to large storage units are usually the best option. Both have a good amount of space to store items like beds and sofas, giving you enough room to store the items that may be the biggest problem when moving.

Using a storage unit for collectables

Storage units are not just for storing your furniture or kitchenware, you can also use them for longer term storage. Many avid collectors use our storage units as a home for their valuable or sentimental collections. People including vinyl collectors, can use our small units to create a safe and secure space, where they can enjoy the art of collecting, without sacrificing space in their home. When storing any valuable items, we always encourage our customers to take out our Storebox insurance. This can protect you from the most common forms of theft and damage and make sure that if anything were to happen, you won’t be left out of pocket.  

Using Storebox for business storage

Other than storing personal items, Storebox can also be used for effective business storage. Whether you’re doing up your office and need somewhere to put your chairs and desks, or need somewhere to store important documents that are cluttering up your home study. Business storage can help you create more room for your business to expand and develop. Our business storage is perfect for startup businesses who are still figuring out their headquarters or are dealing with very limited space to work from. There has also been cases where people have set up their businesses straight from their self-storage solutions and used it as a temporary base to begin creating their company.    Here at Storebox, we want to give you the ultimate flexibility and affordability when it comes to self-storage. We understand that circumstances change, which is why we provide both short term storage and long term storage. To find out how self-storage could work for you and your needs, why not fill in our booking form and we’ll be able to find the right storage solution for you.