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Help de-cluttering your house

Space is often at a premium in your home, with any spare storage filled up to the brim with old clothes, camping gear, ladders, wallpaper paste tables and assorted items. It can end up that spare rooms can become more like walk-in closets than their intended purpose. If this is ringing some bells with you, don’t worry. Storebox is here to help. Here are five tips to help you declutter your home with self-storage.

  • Large items can be put into storage. If you are storing bikes in a shed or spare room, they can quickly take over the space, especially if everyone in the family has one. Garden furniture can also take up a lot of room, so think about sending sun loungers, windbreakers, and parasols to a self-storage unit for when they aren’t in use.
  • Have your children outgrown their equipment? While you can sell items once baby has grown out of the cot and the pushchair, you many want to hang onto them for the next one or for the grandkids!
  • Camping and holiday equipment is for special occasions. You don’t need to let it take over your house – why not rent storage space and keep things you only need once or twice a year somewhere out of your home?
  • Books, CDs and DVDs can make your house look cluttered and untidy. Storing them somewhere out of the home that is dry and secure can save on space without risking damage.
  • If you’re selling products on the internet, get it out of the office or spare room and into storage to take back your home from work.
  • Self-storage from Storebox can help you declutter and destress by turning your untidy home into an oasis of calm for your peace of mind. Contact us today by emailing [email protected] or call 0333 111 0770 for more information.