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How to create the perfect games room or hobby room

When we recently asked the public how they would make the most of a spare room in their home, a games room proved to be a popular choice amongst young male adults (10.4%). If you’re one of many that dream of a space to relax, unwind and enjoy some quality entertainment time with friends and family, follow our guide to creating the perfect games room and turn those dreams into reality. First thing’s first, create a wishlist From home cinema necessities to pool table ponderings, vintage arcade accessories to food and drink additions; think about how you want to use the space, as well as everything you could possibly ask for in your very own games room and write it down. Try organising your wishlist into different categories – it can be a big help for when you might need to whittle the list down. Think about the size of your space The worst thing you can do with your games room is overcrowd it. There should be plenty of room to move around, with a few relaxing areas to sit and put your feet up, too. The general rule of thumb is to allow three to five feet of space around each table or machine. Why not try taking some measurements and drawing up a layout of how you envisage your future entertainment area looking? Ever considered a seasonal games room? If your space is a little smaller than you’d like, you may have to make some compromises in terms of what you include in it. However, there’s always the option of creating a seasonal games room. Why not make football the focal point during the season, or how about making a festive switch in time for the Christmas and New Year period? There’s always the option of keeping some of the larger additions to the games room in storage, whilst you’re making the most of others. Don’t forget refreshments A games room should be fully equipped to cater for its visitors’ needs. If space allows, why not add in a small bar or even a mini fridge? That way, guests can help themselves to a drink or even some snacks, whilst you play your turn on the pool table. Let there be light The right lighting plays an important part in getting your games room just right. Think about the mood you want to evoke and consider the right kind of lighting to help make it happen. Not only that, but each entertainment piece should have its own overhead lighting, to make sure you play the best move you can! The boring stuff The background components, such as soundproofing, ventilation and wiring are all just as important as what you will see and make use of in your games room. If you aren’t well rehearsed in the art of DIY, you should consider speaking to a contractor, who can help to make your gaming creation as quick and hassle free as possible. The finishing touches Once the essentials have been planned out and fitted, think about how to decorate and kit out your games room to make it as perfectly personalised as possible! Similarly to the consideration of lighting, the decor you choose to use can impact the ambience of the entire room. For a more traditional gaming feel, go for a darker colour scheme with wooden accessories, whereas if you’re hoping for a more contemporary feel, stick with a bright, light, minimalistic theming. Of course, no game room is complete without a scoreboard, so be sure to add that to your list of things to purchase! Storage can also keep clutter to a minimum and gives all your gaming accessories a place of their own in the room. Finally, don’t scrimp on speakers, in order to enjoy a truly premium gaming experience. This guide, along with a few personal touches of your own, can help you to create the game room you’ve always wanted, in a way that can really be appreciated.