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The Storebox Guide On How To Store A Caravan

The Storebox Guide On How To Store A Caravan

Owning a caravan can be exciting, you have the freedom to explore wherever you like and camp out at one of the many campsites across the UK. However, when it’s not in use, it can be extremely space consuming, especially if you have limited parking space at your home.   This is where self-storage solutions like Storebox can help. We can help provide that extra bit of room to store your caravan when you aren’t using it to travel around the country. Here, we’ve put together a few key points to help you safely secure your caravan, whether for short term or long term storage.  

How to store a caravan

Caravans have many different features and aspects that need special attention when it comes to storage. Caravans, unlike regular vehicle storage, requires a bit more maintenance and care in preparation, and you should always find self storage units that can fully accommodate caravan storage specifically.   

Finding caravan storage

When looking for caravan storage, there are a few key points you may want to keep in mind:

  • Location – Choosing a storage unit close to your home can make storing your caravan and keeping up with its maintenance much easier.
  • Climate control – Making sure your unit is climate controlled can help when it comes to keeping damp at bay. There are usually mattresses and other soft furnishings fitted inside the caravan and they can be vulnerable to mold if not correctly taken care of.
  • Security – Make sure your storage unit has adequate security measures installed. For example, all Storebox locations are fitted with CCTV, automated gates to enter the site and secure locks on all units.

Preparing your caravan for storage

Caravans are fitted with many different features that need to be correctly prepared before long term storage.

  • Exterior – Make sure you thoroughly clean the outside of your caravan. This will not only stop any dirt or salt from damaging the bodywork, but it will also give you the chance to check for any areas of rust or corrosion.
  • Interior – The interior of your caravan should also be thoroughly cleaned, with all pipes drained, all carpets hoovered and all cupboards, wardrobes and fridge doors left open to prevent mildew.
  • Gas, water and electric – Make sure to remove any gas cylinders and batteries from the caravan and take them home. These items are best kept under supervision, rather than in long term storage. All the water should be drained and all electrical switches and plugs should be left in the off position.

Knowing how to correctly store your caravan can help keep it in top condition, ready for when you are ready to hook it up and take it back onto the open road. With our Sheffield storage solutions, you can rest assured that your caravan is safely locked away and waiting for your next holiday.