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How to use self-storage to get your business ready for 2017

How to use self-storage to get your business ready for 2017

Get ready for 2017 with business storage! The new year doesn’t just have to be a time for personal resolutions, you can also set goals and challenges for your business to boost business growth in 2017. A new year gives your business a blank page to start a fresh, why not use it to clean out the office, make a big move or a quick rearrange of departments. For retail businesses, it can also be the perfect opportunity to clear out all stock and get fresh stock piled up and ready to sell.

Out with the old, in with the new

It’s been proven many times that having a clear out can increase productivity and refresh the mind. That’s why having a switch up of the office can actually boost the work ethic of your employees or even yourself. It’s around this time of year that businesses also start to think about re-branding and re-decorating the office. However, you may find you don’t want to completely throw away office chairs or desks, this is where business storage comes in handy. You may be desperate for a fresh start, but it’s always a good idea to keep a few items in storage just in case.

Conduct an audit of your paperwork

Paperwork easily starts to mount up, especially in a business. Invoices, receipts and other important documents start to snowball and before you know it, you have a mountain of paper to deal with. These types of documents can’t be thrown away, so having a small space to store them can help give you more space for work. Get a few tall filing cabinets and place them in a small Storebox to create a safe and secure archive.  

Marketing and promotional materials

January can be a busy time for business marketing, with the January sales taking over the high streets. Marketing materials can start to take up space, but recycling materials can save a huge amount of your marketing budget. Use a self-storage unit to store old and new marketing materials, like window display props, banners and in-store display materials.   The beauty of business storage is that you can use it for whatever your business needs may be. A Storebox can be an extension onto your businesses main accommodation, giving you room to grow. Take advantage of this fresh new year and spruce up your business. Take on ‘out with the old and in with the new’ and find out how Storebox can help you with your business storage news.