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How to keep your home safe

How to keep your home safe

Your home should be your safe haven, somewhere you feel secure and happy. Which is why it makes sense to keep it well guarded. At Storebox, this is where we can help. Whether you are fast asleep, at work or on holiday, these 9 handy tips are designed to give you peace of mind. These by no means are certain solutions, but they should help discourage burglars.

DIY home security

Secure the doors

Details from crime survey for England and Wales showed that 73% of burglars use doors, with 3% of them being left open. This is why it’s incredibly important to perform inspections of all the doors around your home. Make sure hinges are protected, frames are strong and the wood is not hollow. Also, if your door has a letterbox, ensure someone can’t reach through and reach the lock. Although your door can act as a pretty focal point, don’t sacrifice security by failing to install a deadbolt and peephole.

Light up your garden and drive away

The same survey also showed that 57% of burglaries take place in darkness. With thieves preferring to act under the cover of darkness, illuminating your outside areas with movement and sensor activated lighting being the most effective solution.

Install a visual burglar alarm

Not only will installing a security alarm reduce the cost of your home insurance, but making it visible will be sure to help deter burglars. Most alarm systems consist of a control panel, usually on the inside of the front door, with an exterior shell containing a siren or bell. Choose from complete alarm kits which detect all movements or look at investing in alarms which activate when forced entry is apparent

Increase gate and fence security

Don’t give intruders simple access to your property via a feeble old garden gate blowing over or worse yet, no fence at all. Metal gates are more sturdy and difficult to climb over than your standard wooden gate so this might be something to bear in mind if this is of particular concern. Check hinges and padlocks are secured from the inside of your garden and if possible, try and install at least more than one lock on the gate.

Store away your most valuable items

If you are worried your most valuable and treasured items will not be secure, there is always the option of self- storage boxes. Instead of worrying that your family heirloom is on display for burglars, consider moving your most prized possessions to a facility that specialises in security. With Storebox having self- storage facilities all over the country, it means you are never too far away from your belongings should you need them urgently.

Bond with neighbours

Your neighbours can act as a first line of defence against burglars if you happen to be out. They also know the area and through striking up a relationship with them you can simply ask them just to keep an eye on your home when you are away. If they spot something peculiar going on, you can rely on them to give you a call.

Secure your outdoor buildings

More often than not, your poor little garden shed is an easy target for thieves. Often neglected, make sure you spend some time bolstering the security by securing the windows and investing in some heavy duty locks.

Noisy driveaways

If you have a gravel driveway or are debating one in the future, make sure you keep them topped up as this can help alert people before intruders arrive at your front door. This will provide a nice loud crunch that will be sure to deter them.