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National Old Stuff Day With Storebox Self Storage

National Old Stuff Day With Storebox Self Storage

National Old Stuff Day is a national holiday celebrated yearly on the 2nd March. The day celebrates the idea of ‘out with the old and in the with the new’, encouraging everyone to embrace the chance to start fresh, and get rid of any ‘old stuff’. National Old Stuff Day combines the ideals of recycling and clearing out in all aspects of life, from our homes, offices and even our thoughts and thinking. We recently talked about how a clear and minimalist work space helped boost productivity, due to it clearing our heads as well as our desks, and National Old Stuff Day focuses on the same principals.

Up-cycling your old furniture and decor

The best place to start celebrating National Old Stuff Day is in your own home. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, then you may have a few pieces of furniture that might need a bit of TLC. This could be a bit of antique furniture that needs a new lease of life, or even a bit of ‘filler’ furniture you bought when you moved in, but never did anything with. There are many guides and ‘how to’s’ on Pinterest and YouTube, to show you how you can spruce up your old furniture yourself. Many just require a bit of sanding and some paint. You could even change the purpose of a piece. Many people turn old cabinets and wardrobes into unique bookcases or shelving for ornaments. Up-cycling can help create custom pieces of furniture that no one else in the world has in their home.     

Giving your home a spring clean

It’s nearly spring time, and that is usually when the need to start fresh hits us hardest. There’s nothing like the feeling you get once you’ve had a thorough clear out and you now have a clean slate to start again. Many of us have a tendency to hoard items and sentimental belongings, even if we haven’t touched them in years. A good gauge to decide what to keep and what to throw away is how much dust has settled. Any, extremely dusty, areas have not been touched in a very long time and can get you thinking about whether you actually need those items in your home. The answer is usually no. For those little things that you just can’t bare to part with, or the stamp collection your partner is sick of the sight of, a self storage unit may be the answer. You don’t have to throw everything away and self storage solutions can always offer an alternative where needed.

Recycling items no longer in use

As a society, we are creating more unnecessary waste than ever. Our ‘throw away’ mentality means that we are chucking out things that are still good to use. When doing your spring cleaning, instead of putting everything you no longer use into a bin bag, sort it out to give to charity. Shred and recycle old bank statements or documents you no longer need and make sure you recycle the paper. Small things could not only help you reduce how much general waste you create, but you could also help out others that might need your old items. National Stuff Day is the perfect excuse to start a fresh. Maybe you had big hopes for your new year’s resolutions, but then they fell by the wayside, this is your chance to start again. Spring is all about new beginnings and National Old Stuff Day is all about embracing change. Heading off to celebrate National Old Stuff Day? Need a bit of extra room for all of the items you are going to expel from your home? Make sure to get in touch with us to find out how our self storage solutions could provide you with some much needed extra room.