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What to place into student storage when you’re moving home for summer

What to place into student storage when you’re moving home for summer

Our student storage is extremely popular during the summer months. International students and students that have moved away to attend university, find themselves having to move from halls to halls or house to house. Many will either move into temporary accommodation during the transition or move back in with their parents. At Storebox, we can help make this transition a lot smoother, giving you a safe and secure place to store your items, ready to be moved into your new home come September. It can be hard to plan what to keep in your unit over summer. The question of ‘what will I need over the next few months’ often causes people to move unnecessary items around with them. That’s why we’ve put together a little list to help you make the right packing decisions.


When moving from various dorm rooms and shared kitchens, you may find that your kitchenware collection grows exponentially. There’s no use carrying all of these pieces around with you, or unpacking them all into kitchen cupboards, as you’ll have to re-pack in a few months time. Simply make sure everything is wrapped up securely and put into sturdy boxes, to prevent any accidental breakages. If you know you’ll need a few plates etc. take out only what you need and pack the rest away.


If you’re staying in temporary accommodation, then you may need to take all of your bedding with you. However, for those moving back in with the parents, you may already have a bed set up at home. Big duvets and pillows can be difficult to pack due to their bulkiness, so if you can, leave them securely stored in your student storage unit. Use vacuum bags to make your bedding packing friendly and keep sheets free from damp or dirt.

Books and DVDs

Books and DVDs are some of the easiest to store, due to them not being a necessity to live day-to-day. If you have a book or two that you know you’ll want to crack out in the next few months, simply take them out and pack the rest. Think realistically about what you will want to watch or read over the summer and only take a tiny portion of your collection with you when you move home.

Trinkets and mementos

You will often collect trinkets and mementos over our years at university and even though they make our dorms feel more like home, they don’t have to travel everywhere with you. Store breakables securely with bubble wrap and extra padding, keep photographs and albums in an airtight container and keep them off the floor, to prevent damp or damage. Renting student storage over the summer break can help take away some of the stress of house hunting or moving back home. Use student storage to store the items that aren’t a necessity to everyday living and minimise the number of belongings you have to transport.