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Re-purpose your Teenager’s room without waiting for them to clear it first

So after the stress of exams, the difficult decisions about which university to choose and the teary drive to their new halls, you finally have your teenager’s room back (barring summer visits with lots of laundry, of course). Or you may have sent them off to greener pastures to live with friends and let them all argue about whose turn it is to do the washing up instead of you. They’ve no doubt left it in a bit of a shambles, but there’s no need to worry – you can use self-storage to help you repurpose their room for your own needs without having to throw out precious memories. However, Storebox won’t be held responsible for the number of dirty socks you find under the bed! So you have a spare room! What can you do with it? Office Space There’s always paperwork to be done at home unfortunately, but you can now put the extra space to good use and set up a smart home office. You’ll need somewhere to keep important paperwork, a desk with your computer or laptop, along with a comfortable office chair and maybe a bookshelf and a plant so the room isn’t too bare. Guest Bedroom Now you teenager has gone, maybe some more adult company would be lovely. You can repurpose their untidy room into a nice, neat and calming guest bedroom. Craft or Sewing Room Have you got creative projects that you’d love to have a dedicated space for? You can use the old bedroom as a craft room by moving in your equipment and moving out the bed and wardrobe. But what can you do with all of your teenager’s belongings that they’ve left? A self-storage unit can keep clothes, furniture, collectibles, books, CDs and even old electrical equipment until your teen wants it back. To find out how Storebox can help you with your unwanted teenage bedroom stuff, get in touch today¬†by emailing¬†[email protected] or call 0333 111 0770 for more information.