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10 Reasons to use short-term storage

10 Reasons to use short-term storage

There comes a time when we need a little extra space, either in our homes or at work. Self-storage solutions are the perfect way to organise your life’s clutter, whether it’s excess furniture, collector’s items or vehicles. We take a look at just how beneficial short-term storage can be and 10 reasons you could use short-term storage to your advantage.

Perfect mid-point for moving

When you are moving from one property to another, the overlap can be stressful and confusing. You may find that you are temporarily without a home and living with friends or family, in this situation a storage unit can be a mid-point when you need some space to store the contents of your home.  

Store your collector’s items

Fancy yourself as a collector? No matter what you have chosen to collect, short-term storage is great for keeping your collection safe and out of the way from normal daily activities. Our units are completely secure and monitored 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your collectibles.

Store your hobby equipment

If you have a hobby that requires bulky equipment, including skis, snowboards, bikes etc, then self-storage solutions can help you keep all of it out the way and ready to use at the drop of a hat.

Renovating? No problem

If you’re finally getting around to renovating your home or adding on that dream extension, then you can use one of our units to keep furniture and appliances out of the way of construction. Simply put in the items you want to keep from damage or that you know you won’t need during the renovation.


Maybe your kids have moved out of the family home and you’re looking to move into something a bit more compact. Simply use short-term storage to store any items you are looking to sell or give away. This keeps them separate from the items you want to keep and move with you to your new home.

Make way for a new arrival

If you’re adding a new bundle of joy to the family, decorating the baby’s new room can be the most fun and stressful part of the experience. You may need to keep all of your new furniture and clothes out of the way whilst you get everything ready. Keep these items in storage until you’re ready to add the finishing touches.

Student storage

With sites in major student cities such as Sheffield and Cambridge, students love our short-term storage, as it helps them when moving to and from different dorms and student accommodation. Storage units are perfect for the summer months and storing all the trinkets and mementos you’ve collected over your school year.

Travelling the world

You’ve booked your tickets and planned your route, but you need a temporary home for all of your belongings. Short-term storage is perfect for all of those jet setters who want to see the world, but want to return home to all of their prize possessions.

Big life changes

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation we didn’t see coming, like divorce, marriage or bereavement. Short-term storage is the perfect solution when we are struck with these big life changes and with flexible contracts and opening times, they are available whenever you need them most.

Startup business storage

If you’re unleashing your inner entrepreneur and starting up your own business, the beginning stages can be a little messy. Bring some organisation and order to your startup by investing in some business storage. You never know when you may need a little extra storage space. Our short-term storage solutions are the perfect way to organise and declutter. Get in touch with us today to find out how short-term storage can benefit you!