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Self Storage for Hire in Sheffield – StoreBox Self Storage – Now Open!

Self Storage for Hire in Sheffield – StoreBox Self Storage – Now Open! Receive your 1st 4 weeks for just £1!* Storebox is proud to announce the opening of a revolutionary new self storage facility in Sheffield. Located just off the Sheffield Parkway (236 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ) the location is convenient for self storage near Sheffield city centre. Storebox is different. We know that within each storage unit sits fractions of a person that have been collected over many years. The storage facilities offered by Storebox have unique access via your mobile phone. By bringing storage into the digital age Storebox hopes to revolutionise the way that people look after their belongings.

Self storage in Sheffield for as little as £15 per week!

For as low as fifteen pounds a week Storebox can offer you not only this but also state of the art security solutions. From secure online booking to 24/7 surveillance there can be little doubt that Storebox offers unprecedented security options for your most valuable items. This, alongside a wealth of insurance options, is what helps protect the items closest to your heart. Located just off the A57 on Woodbourne Road sits a collection of Sheffield storage units set to look after your most prized possessions. Storebox know that each customer is unique and has unique storage needs. The diversity of storage options, from storage of personal belongings to overflowing business stock,  StoreBox will cover anything you need looking after. If you’re looking for self storage units in Sheffield go no further! Storebox Self Storage Unit Sizes available in Sheffield Storebox offer wide variety range of sizes, from 3.7 metres squared to 14.8 metres squared. These wide ranging options helps Storebox to offer a dynamic service that can fit your every need. Whether you’re a batchelor going travelling or a family moving house, Storebox has the self storage solution for you. You can come and go as you please using our unique security system.

Flexible Self Storage Solutions in Sheffield

Sheffield storage at Storebox is flexible in that you can stay for days or years. There are no arbitrary limits applied to modern storage solutions, we know that nothing can be certain in such a fast moving world. We offer storage options that fit in with the busy lifestyles we all live with. With the prime storage location and the attention to detail provided by a company in tune with the streets of today, you won’t find a better self storage solution in Sheffield. They offer a lowest-price guarantee that will ensure competitive prices for years to come so you know that your money is in good hands. Storebox are looking to help you with your day to day battles for the ownership of your space. Decluttering could well give you the space to breathe you’re so searching for! Reclaim your living space and allow Storebox to provide your solution! *Subject to a minimum stay of 8 weeks