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Staff & Students Keep Organised at University of East London

Storage can be useful if you are a student, particularly with those long summer breaks. You could cart all of your books, clothes, and all of your other gear (which can easily fill the boot of a car and then some) back and forth while you are on a break from studying. What about if there isn’t the space anymore? What if you take a year out or get sent on a placement abroad? To save yourself the hassle, why not try self storage with Storebox near London City Airport? Student life is busy enough without having to worry about whether someone will be messing with your stuff or if it will even be there when you get back to from time away. Students at the University of East London can take advantage of the fantastically cheap offers from Storebox to keep all of their gear in safe, secure, clean and dry storage space, away from prying hands and eyes. It’s not just students – staff at university often have lots of books and other essentials but might not have the space at home or in a shared office to keep everything that they’ll need. Storage space from Storebox can provide a space away from the university – but still close enough to pop over to the space in a few minutes, meaning that there’s no need to cram everything into an office space in the school. Conveniently located close to the university, there are a range of options suitable for any wallet, whatever your storage requirements. Whether it’s short term storage or if you are looking for something that lasts a little longer, get in touch with Storebox today to see how we can help you or book now.