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Student Storage Tips

First year at uni and you’re living in halls – cramped, smelly and usually with a few people who don’t understand what Fairy Liquid is for. Fun times. Then term ends, the first summer holidays come and you might be popping home for the summer before you come back to stay in a house with all of your new friends. It can be a chore to cart all of your belongings from one end of the country to another just while university is out for the summer, but it can be expensive to start renting a house before you’re ready to come back just to keep all of your stuff in it. Self-storage can allow you to keep your non-essentials close to university without having to get Mum and Dad to come and pick you up and cart everything home for just a couple of months. It’s much cheaper than renting a house or halls just for your stuff and you can be content in the knowledge that no one is going to damage or break anything while you’re not there to watch over it. And because you can be sure exactly how long you’ll need to store your stuff for, you can calculate exactly how much you’ll be paying with no nasty surprises. Why Storebox? Storebox gives you access to your storage unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Your stuff will be stored in a damp-free and secure space which you can access whenever you like. For more information on how self-storage can save you (or Mum and Dad) money and hassle, get in touch today.