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Versatility of a shipping container when paired with a little bit of creativity. Late last week something remarkable began to happen at London’s Waterloo station. A solitary 20ft faded, dirty blue grey shipping container, appeared in the centre of the station’s main concourse utterly unannounced.The ominous box was plastered with a sign which warned commuters “!Danger! predatory livestock, trained handlers only” and was surrounded by red and white hazard tape. As bemused travellers wandered past on their daily journey to work, social media came alive with speculation about what storage secrets might be contained within this foreboding storage box. Well, we didn’t have long to wait long: A few days later, life-size Velociraptors – the vicious and cunning killers made famous thanks to their portrayal in the 1990 novel Jurassic Park and its 1993 film adaptation by Steven Spielberg – emerged from the storage box, revealing the whole scenario as a rather clever bit of marketing by Universal Studios UK for the big release of Jurassic World in cinemas later this week. Accompanying Tweets by the studios account (“Alert alert … assets out of containment”) and the accompanying hashtag #JurassicWaterloo took the online world by storm and raised the profile of a movie that already had a lot of the public excited. That’s just the start of what you can create with a storage container. Any fans of Channel 4’s Grand Designs might have marvelled (as we did) at the episode where Patrick Bradley, a 34-year-old architect from Northern Ireland, welded together four recycled shipping containers to create a stylish, ultra-modern home. Not far from our Manchester site at Salford Quays and just in front of the modern new MediaCity, WhiteCrate, a UK-based design firm that specialises in converting shipping containers built DockBar. This quickly won the hearts of residents and media professionals working near the site, who enjoyed kicking back and relaxing in deck chairs with drinks served straight from the converted storage container. It’s all testament to the growing recognition of the opportunities a shipping container can offer as a secure and weather resistant storage space. Be it for your belongings for the long or short term, as somewhere you can set up shop and run a business, whether that be a personal Etsy, Amazon or eBay shop, as the storage for the clothes, furniture, artwork and other products you need ready for your customers at the drop of a hat. We’ve had people utilising the space to run a microbrewery, an art studio – the possibilities are endless. When that shipping container showed up in Waterloo the speculation was nearly as wild as the prehistoric killers that emerged from it a few days later, but the truth is, they barely scraped the surface in terms of the possibilities a shipping container can offer you in terms of storage. If #JurassicWaterloo or even this blog has sparked an idea in you and you want to take it to the next level, or just want a quick chat with one of our team to try to see whether we can help with your storage needs, give us a call on 0333 111 0770.