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What is self-storage used for?

<strong>What is self-storage used for?</strong>

Whether you’re looking at your household or business, many of us have experienced the same problem: space. 

When looking at what self-storage is used for, it has become the number one solution for anyone facing that issue. When you look at self-storage with us, it’s secure, convenient, flexible and affordable. Which is why we’re seen as the go-to provider.

There are plenty of circumstances that lead to self-storage being used and as you read on, these are what we’re going to explore.

The Most Common Reasons for Personal Self-Storage Use

Even with the biggest of homes, we soon all find a way to fill it! 

No matter what the size of a property, it’s far too easy to acquire a host of items and then suddenly run out of space. Yes, it can be a particular problem for smaller houses, but larger ones are by no means immune.

With that in mind, here’s a look at what self-storage is used for on a personal level:

Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful experience. It is also, usually a rush, with vans loaded and keys handed over by midday, you suddenly find that you have so much more ‘stuff’ than you ever realised. 

Using self-storage allows you to remove some of that stress and to take things at your own pace.

We have plenty of clients who like to get ahead. They spend weeks packing and then storing boxes so when moving day comes, it’s so much easier. 

When you use self-storage, your moving in becomes so much easier too. You can visit your unit whenever you want and move items when it suits. 

Using Self-storage for House Renovations

House prices are up and higher interest rates make it harder and harder to move home. 

The solution? 

Well, many people have decided to renovate their current homes rather than move into a new one. 

While there are cost savings to be made with renovations, it’s common to find that things around the home just get in the way. Self-storage provides the perfect solution here, allowing you to safely store your possessions. 

Time to Downsize

It could be that your children have flown the nest, you’re looking for a more manageable home or a host of other reasons, but downsizing is on the up. While there are a variety of pros and cons to consider, people also need a solution for their possessions that have been accumulated over the years.

There will be items that have financial and sentimental value that simply won’t fit into your smaller home. The good news is that thanks to self-storage, there’s no need to dispose of these.

A Growing Family

It may be that your home is already the perfect place for a newborn baby, but there’s also a need to create space. That room that is set to be a nursery could be cluttered with possessions that you just don’t want to part with. 

They may even come in useful in the future, meaning that you simply won’t want to part with them.

This is another example of what self-storage is used for. It allows you to keep hold of all that matters to you, with the peace of mind that everything is secure, and the storage is affordable.

Student Life

If you have children who have headed to university, you’ll already know the challenges that this can bring. When looking at what self-storage is used for, you just need to consider the possessions that a student will quickly acquire. 

Effectively, they are creating a whole new home. The problem? It’s only theirs during term time.

It’s common for students to move from one year to the next. That means that, during the long summer break, they need to have somewhere to keep their household items safe. Self-storage is the answer.

Students Taking a Gap Year

When looking at the question, “What is self-storage used for?”, there are students who won’t head straight off to university. Instead, they decide to take a gap year. This could mean that they head overseas and head on a round of travelling.

With everything set for student life, parents suddenly face a dilemma: where is all this ‘stuff’ going in the meantime? Self-storage is the perfect solution. It allows you to keep your young adult’s items secure until they need them.

Overseas Work

In some roles, (and no doubt worked hard for the chance) you may be given the opportunity to work overseas. Often, when this is the case, people decide to rent out their UK homes. This means that their house is not just stood empty and it allows them to earn an additional income.

Self-storage means that these homeowners can make sure that their possessions are safe. They can remain in their chosen unit until the time comes for them to return to the UK and their own home. 

Flying the Nest

If you have more than one child,and there is a slight age gap, using self-storage can be ideal when the eldest flies the nest. It could be that they set up home, but have no need for that bed, the desk, or the drawers. While it can be tempting to simply get rid, it makes sense to stop and think how younger children could benefit from these items over time.

When looking at what is self-storage used for, it allows families to keep hold of these items until they are needed again. This can be much more cost-effective than trying to replace it all at a later date.

Passing of a Relative 

No one wants to think about a beloved family member passing but, unfortunately, it’s something that we’re all going to experience at some point. Where a property is involved, there is often a need for this to be sold and it can be heartbreaking to deal with everything in it that made it a home.

Using self-storage means that people can prepare the property for sale but hang on to treasured possessions. This means that they can take their time and deal with these when it is right for them.

What is Self-storage Used for in Business?

A man unloading boxes from a blue van into a storage unit outside

Yes, self-storage has a host of uses when it comes to individuals, but we have found that it’s also an in-demand service for businesses. Here’s a look at why:

Retail Businesses

When considering what is self-storage used for, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at a bricks and mortar retailer or one that is exclusively online: space can soon become an issue. There is, of course, I need to hold stock and it’s easy for space to rapidly disappear.

With self-storage, retailers have the peace of mind that their stock is secure. They also know that they can access it whenever they need to. This allows a business to grow while controlling its expenses.

Construction Businesses

For those working in the construction industry, one thing is clear: there’s a great deal of tools and equipment involved. What’s more, these tools and equipment are hugely expensive. Businesses need to find somewhere secure that they can be secured. Again, self-storage is the clear solution.

The fact that our self-storage units come in a variety of sizes means that there is something to suit construction companies of all sizes.

Events Companies

If you’re a company that’s involved with staging and managing events, we’re sure that you’re also going to have a range of expensive equipment. The problem that many companies face is where this can be held.

Warehouses are often too big and expensive, and that’s why many are now turning to self-storage as the answer. Affordable, accessible, and secure, there’s nothing not to like.

Document Storage

It doesn’t matter what sort of business you run, they all have something in common: they generate a lot of paperwork! It could be invoices, reports, insurance information, or anything else. There are strict rules surrounding company documents, and businesses need to know that they are complying. 

There are only so many filing cabinets that one business can make space for. The ideal solution is self-storage. You can be sure of finding the unit that is the right size for your needs, and you can be sure that your documents are safe, secure, and there whenever you need to access them.

Final Thoughts 

When looking at the question, ‘What is self-storage used for?’, it seems that there is no short answer. People use this as a solution for a range of storage issues. These apply to both personal and business uses. With the units on offer, there is never the need to dispose of possessions that you care about, and there’s no need for businesses to take on the expense of larger premises before they’re ready.

If you’re looking for self-storage solutions, you can be sure that we have one that’s right for you. Get in touch today and learn more about what we have to offer so that you can reclaim that valuable space in your home or business.