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How Can Self Storage Help When Moving Home

How Can Self Storage Help When Moving Home

Moving homes can be an exciting journey filled with new beginnings. But, it’s no secret that the process can also be full of challenges. With all of the excitement comes the daunting task of handling, moving and fitting all your belongings into a new space. 

Self storage emerges as the hero in this situation, providing solutions you may not have even considered. 

Let’s dive deeper into how self storage can be the magic wand that eases your moving pains.

The Challenge of Moving

Moving home isn’t just about moving items from Point A to Point B. It’s about transitioning your entire life, memories and valuables while ensuring they remain intact. This means making quick decisions about what stays, what goes and where everything should be placed in the new abode.

Benefits of Self Storage During Moving

Benefits of Self Storage During Moving

Space Management

A blank canvas is every interior decorator’s dream. With self storage, you can gradually bring in items, allowing you to thoughtfully design each room. Instead of navigating a maze of boxes, you have the liberty to plan, re-plan, and place each item exactly where you feel it fits best.


Life is unpredictable, especially when moving. Delays can happen, plans can change. Self storage offers the flexibility to store items for varying durations. Whether it’s a week-long delay or a month, your items remain secure.


Moving provides a fresh perspective on belongings. Those curtains that fit so well in the old living room might not suit the new one. Instead of making hasty decisions, store such items. Give yourself the time to decide if they fit your new space, need a new home, or are best sold off.

Safeguarding Valuables

Alongside the hustle and bustle of moving, valuables can get damaged. Precious belongings, vintage antiques or even sentimental items can be safely stored away until you’re ready to introduce them to your new home.


Financial aspects of moving are often underestimated. With self storage, you have the benefit of storing non-essential items in advance. This could mean renting a smaller moving van or making fewer trips, saving you money in the long run.

Common Misconceptions About Self Storage

Common Misconceptions About Self Storage

Too Expensive

Self storage offers a variety of sizes and plans. Whether you need a large unit for a month or a small one for longer, there’s a budget-friendly option available.

Difficult To Get To

Gone are the days when stored items were difficult to access. With advancements, many facilities now offer round-the-clock access, ensuring your belongings are available whenever you need them.

They’re Unsafe

Modern storage facilities have upped their game. From 24/7 CCTV surveillance to individual unit alarms and secure access protocols, your belongings have never been safer.

Using Self Storage for Your Move

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of stuff we own. Start by categorising items – furniture, electronics, kitchenware, etc. This detailed inventory will be invaluable in selecting the right storage unit.

How To Choose The Right Unit

Units come in various sizes. While it’s tempting to save money with a smaller unit, it’s essential to ensure there’s enough space to prevent damage. A cramped unit can actually harm your belongings.

Pack Smart

Organisation is key. Use high-quality boxes and be generous with bubble wrap for fragile items. Label boxes not just by room, but also by contents. For instance, instead of just “kitchen”, label it “kitchen – pots and pans”.

Consider Climate Control

Humidity and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc. Items like leather furniture, electronics and even books can get ruined if not stored under the right conditions. Climate-controlled units, although slightly more expensive, protect against these elements.


While self storage units offer security, it’s wise to have insurance as an added layer of protection. Check with your provider to see if your current policy covers items in storage or if additional coverage is needed.

Access and Location

Think about how often you’ll visit the unit. If it’s frequent, choosing a facility close to your home or along your daily route can be convenient.

Incorporating Self Storage into Your Moving Plan

Incorporating Self Storage into Your Moving Plan

Start with a timeline. 

For those selling their old homes, moving non-essentials into storage can declutter the space, making it more appealing to potential buyers. If there’s a waiting period before moving into the new place, self storage ensures your belongings are safe and accessible. 

Once you’re ready to set up your new home, the stored items can be retrieved in an organised manner, room by room, making the setup less chaotic.

Summing Up

Moving homes is an intricate ballet of logistics, emotions and decisions. While challenges are inevitable, tools and services exist to alleviate these burdens. 

Self storage, with its flexibility, safety, and space management benefits, stands out as an essential tool in the moving arsenal. 

As you stand on the threshold of your new home, let self storage take some of the weight off your shoulders, ensuring your new chapter starts on a harmonious note.