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We work on a 4 week billing cycle starting from the date you move in.

We charge a one off fee of £19.90 for a high security padlock to secure your unit, this is yours to keep and is included in your first 4 weeks fee.

If you book for a future date we require the initial payment of £19.90 for the padlock upfront in order to reserve the unit for you. You will not be charged for storage until the day you move in and subsequent payments will be taken every 4 weeks from the day you move in.

Sure! Our friendly customer services team are here if you would rather book over the phone and to answer any questions you may have.

Call us on: 0333 111 0770

Our booking line is open Mon-Fri, 9 am – 6 pm and Sat, 10 am – 4 pm.

All our sites* can be accessed automatically by ringing the gate phone number, this will be provided in the access email we send you after receiving your booking. Alternatively you can locate the phone number on the signage attached to the gate.

All our sites are located outdoors meaning you can drive right up to your unit door to gain access.

Our site layout is carefully planned out to maximise accessibility for vehicles.

Surfaces on our sites are monitored and maintained constantly to ensure there are no obstructions to unit access.

All units** are located on the ground floor so there is no need to struggle with stairs or secondary doors.



*Cambridge – Cowley Road is accessed via a combi-lock. You will be provided with the combination in your access email.

**We do have some second floor units at our Barking and Hornsey sites. If there are no ground floor units available we can offer you a second floor unit.

No, all fees are clearly listed within the booking process on the website so you can book with confidence.

There are only 3 charges:

  • Cost of hiring a unit – billed every 4 weeks from the day you move in
  • A one off fee of £19.90 for a high security padlock to secure your unit – this is yours to keep
  • Contents coverage charged at £1.99 per week – Covering the value of contents up to £4000. This is billed every 4 weeks and is taken with your unit hire charge.

The unit cost and contents coverage fee is combined into one payment and is the amount you will be charged every 4 weeks after your initial payment.

If you make a reservation, we will get in touch with you during our office opening hours to confirm it. We will send you a payment link for you to complete your reservation. The payment must be registered no later than the day before your move-in date.

If you have submitted a booking online and added your card details, we will charge your card on the move-in date.

Before your move-in date, we will send you an email with your access details. This email will include:

  • The phone number for the automatic gate
  • Information about how to open your storage container
  • Unit number and padlock information

The padlock will be inside your unit and ready to use on the move-in date.

If you make a reservation online we will send you the details to pay for your storage unit. If you submit a booking online we will ask you for your card details. We will not charge your card until the selected move-in date.

At the end of the selected period of 4, 26, or 52 weeks, we will create an invoice every 28 days (4 weeks) in advance, and your invoice will be emailed to you in advance of the due date. Payments will then be taken automatically every 28 days (4 weeks) from the card nominated on your first payment.

We want you to have flexibility. With Storebox, there is no notice period. Simply email or call us and let us know when you intend to move out. You can stay with us for the whole period you have already paid for. We will not refund you for the period you have already paid for.

If you are on a 26 or 52 weeks agreement and choose to vacate early, we will charge you for the discount you have already been given.

The minimum rental period is 4 weeks. If you need storage for a shorter period than 4 weeks please get in touch with our customer service team.

There is no limit to how long you can rent a storage unit. We have customers’ who have been with us for several years.

Customers who select 26 or 52 weeks agreement will automatically qualify for a commitment discount of 10% and 15% respectively. A new invoice is issued every 4 weeks.

If you have opted for a specific long-term agreement and choose to vacate early, we will charge you for the discount you have already been given.

Sometimes we have campaign prices for selected locations and unit sizes.

If you book a unit with a campaign price, the duration for the campaign price is specified when you select the agreement you want. You can choose between 4, 26 and 52 weeks agreement, and it is specified to which agreement the campaign price applies to. We offer discounts for long term storage, and these can not be combined with campaigns.

It is possible to book a unit with a campaign price, and then switch to a long term agreement after the campaign price has ended. That way, you can continue renting a unit with a discounted price. Contact us, and we will help you with this.

Campaign prices are valid for new customers only. A maximum of one campaign can be applied to an agreement for a customer/unit. You can not change the name on the agreement to extend or renew the campaign. 

Absolutely, we understand that storage needs can change over time and that’s why we offer flexible contracts allowing customers to grow or shrink their storage requirements as necessary. A phone call or email is all that’s required to enable a transfer.

Our units are new and water-tight. We have customers who store water sensitive items such as electronics and furniture with no problems, and in some cases for years.

If the container is kept dry inside there will be no condensation as we have ventilation in all our units. If, however someone brings wet or waterlogged items into the unit this will cause condensation issues as this water is trapped in the unit. Therefore, please ensure all your items such as washing machines and fridges/freezers are completely dry before placing them into storage.

Storebox has very few limitations on what you can store, there are only a few exceptions. Our TERMS AND CONDITIONS outlines that you can’t store items such as

  • Explosives
  • Fire arms
  • Compressed oils or gases
  • Flammable liquid and gases
  • Counterfeit or stolen goods

If you are unsure and need clarification, please just call one of our storage experts who will be happy to help you.

We take the security of your items and our sites very seriously. In addition to the automatic gates with mobile access control and CCTV, we provide you with a high-security steel padlock, which is designed to fit tightly under the steel lock box on the units.

Using the padlock provided is a condition of using our storage, however, there is also space for you to add your own security padlock in addition to the one provided on the arms of the unit door if you so wish.

The padlock is yours to keep upon completion of your storage term and subsequent vacation of your unit.

You need insurance for the full contents inside your unit. We offer content coverage for as little as £1.99/week, for £4,000 worth of cover. The minimum coverage of £1.99/week is mandatory and included for all units.

It is easy to upgrade your coverage. Get in touch with us to make sure you have the right coverage for your values.

  • £8k cover for £3.49/week
  • £12k cover for £4.99/week

Our full insurance policy can be found here, in our Terms and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions can be viewed online here >>

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