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3 of Our Awesome Foodie Customers

3 of Our Awesome Foodie Customers

At Storebox self-storage sites across the UK we have a huge variety of customers, some are storing personal belongings and others are using our facilities as part of their business. Of course we’re delighted to be able to facilitate so many fantastic companies, big and small, in keeping their operations running with our low-cost storage solutions. Now, more than ever, in Britain there are some truly inventive and remarkable entrepreneurs who are doing some very cool things with their businesses. This is evident in the business storage client list that we hold here at Storebox. Here we’d like to share some of our very cool foodie clients, who have very interesting and delicious businesses. We think they’re awesome and we’d love for you to hear about them.

The Hip-Hop Chip Shop

Do you like a nice chippy? Do you like hip-hop? If so, you’ll love ‘The Hip-Hop Chip Shop’. Even if you don’t like hip-hop, their food, which they describe as “untraditional fish and chips”, is sensational. So sensational that they won the ‘British Street Food: Van of the Year’. Apart from the food, what’s so cool about The Hip-hop Chip Shop is that their van is a giant boom-box. How cool is that? Plus, their website is very interesting. They have a widget that runs a series of quotes from famous rappers who have referenced fish, you’ll have to see it to understand. They regularly set-up shop at The Kitchens, Spinningfields in Manchester where they’re competing with 5 other stalls to win their own bricks and mortar shop. They also set-up at various other locations. See their website for more information.

Mei Mei’s Chinese Street Cart

Mei Mei’s street cart is probably the most exceptional Chinese street-food stall to hit the UK. Their menu is not what you’ll get down at your local Chinese take-out, but rather an authentic selection of Chinese comfort foods coming from a family of Chinese-Americans, served up by a (now London based) brother and sister duo who want to change the way the UK thinks about Chinese food. They have even staked claim to the UK’s first Jian Bing – a savoury crepe that is as good for breakfast as it is in the evening with a cold beer. Mei Mei set-up at various locations around London, Leeds, Manchester and beyond. Take a look at their website for more information. Mei Mei Chinese street cart


Snack’ums is a clever company who supply snack boxes for your office, snacks in vending machines and deliver boxes of treats to your home via their website. The unusual thing about Snack’ums is that they offer boxes of snacks to your office for free, well actually, it’s a pay what you can “honesty box” system. A very unusual business model, I’m sure you’ll agree. Their vending machines stock a range of healthy snacks, along with top branded old favourites and you can create the perfect collection of treats in a box, to have it sent straight to your door. For more, have a look on their website. Snackums Storebox are here for all businesses, to accommodate you as you take on the world. We are also here for any individuals who need a bit of extra room too.