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The Storebox Guide to Working From Home

The Storebox Guide to Working From Home

Updated: 06/10/2020

The UK is home to an incredible number of startups, which means more and more people are setting up small businesses from their kitchen tables.

Coupled with the rising number of people taking advantage of flexible working policies, the result is a lot of people now calling their home an office. Working from home is fraught with pitfalls, with the distractions of everyday life all around you. Without proper preparation, a few small distractions can become an incredible drain on productivity, and ultimately your business.

Follow our top tips for building a harmonious workspace that will give your business room to grow, while leaving you free to enjoy your home outside of work.

The ultimate guide to working from home
  • Make space for a desk – preferably behind a closing door
  • Save your sanity by separating home and work life
  • Set clear boundaries – no working from bed, and switch off your computer fully at the end of the day
  • Keep track of your expenses, including office supplies, travel expenses and even your rent and utilities – some may be tax deductible
  • Find out if you need planning permission to operate your business from home
  • Be a good neighbour – no deliveries at unsociable hours!
  • Save space at home by hiring a self storage unit for business stock
  • Keeping accurate records from the start will save you a headache when the time comes to file your tax return
  • Don’t fall victim to cabin fever! Make plans with friends and family so your business doesn’t become your entire life
  • It takes 66 days to form a new habit – expect it to take this long for everyone in your household to adjust to your new working arrangement