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How Business Storage Can Create a Clean Workspace and Boost Productivity

How Business Storage Can Create a Clean Workspace and Boost Productivity

Sometimes working at optimal productivity whilst in work is not as easy as it sounds. Distractions can occur around every corner and the workload can start to feel a little overwhelming. Even though we can’t stop the influx of emails, meetings or client calls, there are little things you can do to make getting through everything easier and quicker. There are certain things you’re in control of, such as your mindset when at your desk and your desk itself. We asked a number of different professionals about what makes them feel more productive when it comes to getting down to work. Many of them described how a minimalist and tidy workspace actually made them more productive throughout the day. At Storebox, we offer business storage for this very reason. We want to help you create an efficient and pleasant place to work, that encourages productivity and helps the company to grow organically.  

How can business storage be used to create space?

Our business storage can help provide a completely empty space for you to store whatever you need to, to create space in your business. It could be that you require a small unit to simply keep boxes of desk trinkets, files or even folders that rarely get used. It may be that you need something a little bigger, like our medium or large units, to store old office furniture, multiple boxes or filing cabinets of important documents. We frequently help a variety of businesses to help them store equipment and stock that they may not be able to fit in their main locations. Many food service businesses use us to store larger equipment and food that they need for events or pop up shops. Whether you’re a business working from an office or a food van, we have you covered.

What effect does a tidy space have on productivity?

It has been shown that having a good tidy up of workspaces, can help remove any distractions that may occur throughout the day. Having a clear out right at the beginning of the day can also have a positive effect on your mindset, and help you start work with a clear head. Giving yourself this blank slate on which to start the day’s work can help you focus more on the task in front of you. Productivity increases the more focused and at ease we feel, giving yourself this fresh start every morning automatically sets you up for a more productive day. Storebox’ container storage is perfect for those looking for safe and secure business storage solutions. We can help those looking for both short term storage or something more long term, for services like archive storage. Business storage can be your businesses second home, it can help to alleviate some of the stresses that come with setting up a new office or any stock storage issues you may have. Our business storage is available in contracts starting from just 14 days, which means you have complete flexibility. To find out more about our business storage services, simply fill in our booking form and we can talk you through the best options for your business.